Flashing your lights, is strange to many of us – especially to western expats. However, in the fast lane, flashing your lanes it is a common norm in the UAE in case you want to overtake a slower car, which does not clear the fast lane.

How to do it right!

  • Make sure, that you are within the speed limit and flash your lights from a proper distance
  • Give the slower vehicle in front of you proper time to clear the lane
  • Be considerate and ‘caring’ for others, especially for the slower car in front of you
  • Always leave the proper distance to the car in front of you, as long as it has not cleared your lane

Watch out for this

  • Don’t over speed
  • Don’t bully the car in front of you
  • Don’t drive too close to the car in front of you
  • Don’t endanger yourself and those around you!
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