In order to help companies coping with the impact of COVID-19 and to prepare for the future or the ‘new normal’ as it gets referred to, RoadSafetyUAE reached out to a range of Top Executives in our eco-system for their views.

We sincerely want to thank the participating companies and their Top Executives for sharing their valuable views!

COVID-19 4x Q's + 4x A's MiX Telematics - MiX Telematics LI Format

Brodie von Berg
Managing Director, MiX Telematics Middle East and Asia

Q: In what ways has your business been impacted by COVID-19?
A: It has been rewarding to see significant demand for our services to manage road safety, bio-security, fleet capex and operating costs during the pandemic. This rings true to our value proposition and we are fortunate to be positioned to add real value for our customers in a time of extreme need.

Q: Where do you see your business in 12 months’ time?
A: Overall I expect to see increased demand for our solutions that save lives and increase efficiency. These will continue to resonate with leading organisations that seek quality solutions from a sustainable provider they can be sure will still be around in the years to come. 

Q: What are the major changes (internal & external) you foresee for the ‘new normal’ post COVID-19?
A: I expect to see a more mobile and remote workforce. Customers will seek innovative ways to increase safety and efficiency while being agile for future economic shocks and cycles.

Q: In which ways will you adjust your business?
A: While we are a Software as a Service company, working face to face with our customers is essential and the relationships we build are paramount to our success and being. We will take advantage of the increased ability to engage customers via video conferencing and webinars while travels remains off-limits and explore new ways to build great relationships in a virtual world.

Q: Anything you want to add?
A: Road deaths continue at pandemic proportions. When the dust settles on COVID-19 we will return to a world where 1.2m+ people will be killed annually on the world’s roads and unfortunately we are desensitised to this issue. Road safety is an important agenda item that should not be forgotten. We will continue to support Thomas and his great efforts with RoadSafetyUAE and thank him for the lives he has saved through his platform and passion for road safety in the UAE.