Rubbernecking – slowing down to take a good long look at an accident (often a minor fender-bender) – is very annoying since it produces traffic jams ‘for nothing’! We all have seen accidents and hence there is no need to slow down on the roads to soak in another one!

How to do it right!

In case there is an accident on your side of the street or the other side:

  • concentrate on the traffic around you
  • drive at a decent speed through the scene of the accident
  • be mindful of the vehicles behind you and make sure you don’t slow anyone down!
  • follow directions of police or other emergency staff, or motorists who help regulate the flow of traffic before police arrives

Watch out for this

  • No rubbernecking!
  • Don’t slow down the traffic behind you
  • Don’t endanger yourself and those around you by rubbernecking.


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