Drivers engaged with their Mobile Phone is a daily sight in the UAE! Driving must take our full concentration, because many unfortunate things can happen if we are distracted. In a world where everyone needs to be connected all the time, talking, texting and browsing with mobile phones became a significant cause of road accidents and fatalities.

Studies concluded:

  • ‘Texting and Driving’ became one of the main killers on the world’s roads!
  • Cell phone drivers exhibited greater impairment than intoxicated drivers!
  • Driving while using a hands-free cellular device is not safer than using a hand held cell phone!

How to do it right!

  • Before you enter your car, put your mobile phone on SILENT and stow it away

If you HAVE TO call while driving:

  • Let your passenger take or make the call.
  • Make sure you call ‘hands-free’ (many cars come with this feature already!)
  • The BEST option however is to call back when you finished your trip, or when you take a rest to call
  • Even pedestrians should refrain from using their mobile phones if it might deviate their attention

Watch out for this

  • Don’t text or browse the internet while driving
  • Don’t call without a proper hands-free kit …but best: NO calls at all!
  • Even using hands-free devices while driving is a source of deviation!
  • If you come across other drivers or pedestrians seemingly deviated by using a mobile phone, be extra careful!



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