Vehicle Testing & Registration

Annual vehicle testing & registration is compulsory by law.

How to do it right

  • Your vehicle has to be checked for technical road safety on a yearly basis (some exceptions for new vehicles apply)
  • Pay any pending fines for traffic violations to renew the registration, as well as fees related to the renewal admin process.
  • You must have proof of a valid insurance policy for your vehicle. There are many insurance cover options (vehicle, passengers, geography, etc.) available and you should be guided on your best option by your insurance company or the insurance broker of your trust.
  • Valid UAE driving license and personal ID and residency information.

In the case of a new car registration you will receive a number plate, a registration card and a registration sticker (valid for 1 year and to be put on your number plate).

In case of a re-registration, you will receive a registration card and a yearly registration sticker for your number plate. Re-register and re-insure your car in time, before the current registration expires, and make sure you have the proper insurance cover  in place.

Please note, that in case you bought your vehicle from a dealership, they can advise and guide you on the registration process.
If you bought from a private seller, a slightly different process is in place.

Check the following links for vehicle registration:

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