Summer Driving Tips

Summers in the UAE are quite taxing on vehicles, motorists, pedestrians, motorcycle riders and all other traffic participants, as well as on the traffic infrastructure. The hot summer months are typically affiliated with high temperatures, high humidity and the occasional fog and sand storms. The performance and reaction of our bodies can be different to normal and we need to be mindful about it. Our vehicles need some special attention to perform well and we need to be mindful about some operating procedures, considering safety and sustainability.

How to do it right – our ‘Summer Driving Tips’:

  • Debris: Watch out for debris on the roads, especially tire debris
  • Water: Make sure that you have water with you on longer drives … stay hydrated!
  • Sun Glasses: Consider proper sun glasses to maintain proper vision in glaring light
  • Hot temperatures inside of your vehicle:
    • Never ever leave your children or pets unattended in parked vehicles!
    • Be careful with certain items like sprays, inflammable liquids, cigarette lighters, electronics, mobile phones and other delicate items as they might react badly to hot temperatures
  • Pre-drive vehicle checks: regularly walk around your vehicle for a quick visual inspection (full list of tips & tricks)
  • Maintenance: maintain your vehicle regularly, ideally at certified service centers:
    • Tires: pay special attention to your tires and check for cracks, damage and proper inflation (full list of tips & tricks)
    • A/C: Make sure your air condition system works perfectly
    • Liquids: Coolant, oil, washer fluid and other liquids … check for proper levels
    • Belts and hoses … check for leakages and proper fit
    • Battery … heat contributes to battery aging
    • Water: Carry some extra water for potential urgent vehicle needs
  • Parking:
    • Park your vehicle in shaded areas to avoid wear and tear from heat and direct sunlight
    • Sun shields: protect the interior, especially dash-board and steering wheel
    • Consider opening your windows just a tiny bit when parking in hot conditions, as a bit of ventilation can lower the temperatures in your vehicle
  • Vulnerable traffic participants: Watch out for those who might be affected by the adverse weather conditions, especially pedestrians, motorcycle riders and bicycle riders, as their ‘normal’ behavior might be impacted by hot temperatures and challenging road surface conditions
  • Bad weather: In case of the occasional fog or sand storm, increase your attention, lower your speed, increase the distance to the vehicle in front of you and ‘expect the unexpected’ (full list of tips & tricks)
  • Hot surfaces: be aware, that surfaces can get extremely hot when exposed to sunlight, be careful what you touch
  • Environment & Sustainability:
    • Be mindful and don’t stay in your vehicles with the engine on and the A/C running and rather visit air-conditioned (waiting) areas whenever possible to reduce CO2 pollution
    • This is especially important in low-ventilated areas like underground parking lots
    • Switch off your engine at petrol stations during pumping
  • Delivery drivers: during loading/unloading activity: wear proper sun protection (cap, hat, protective sun lotion) and consider spare clothing to avoid driving in wet clothing from to increased transpiration from strenuous activity
  • Motorcycle riders / delivery riders:
    • Consider challenging road conditions like soft tarmac due to heat
    • Watch out for rider exhaustion due to heat
    • Consider changed reaction of your bike (e.g. hot tires)
    • Make sure rider and bike cool off in regular intervals
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