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On a daily basis, we experience drivers reversing on the hard shoulder when they missed an exit.  This irresponsible and highly dangerous behavior can cause fatal collisions and must be avoided! As described in the topic ‘hard shoulder’, driving the shoulder is off-limits.

How to do it right

  • If you missed your exit/interchange
    • CARRY ON calmly and take a U-turn at the next interchange/exit
    • and go back to the exit you wanted to take.
  • Plan for your exit on time – stay focused and concentrated in order not to miss the exit/interchange you intend to take
  • Plan your trip properly in advance, and know where you have to go – and which exit/interchange you have to take
  • Watch out for new traffic flow – interchanges/exits change frequently due to the ongoing improvement of UAE’s road infrastructure

Watch out for this

  • Under NO circumstance, reverse on the shoulder if you missed your exit/interchange
  • In case you missed your exit,
    • don’t panic
    • don’t change your lane abruptly
    • don’t break abruptly
    • CARRY ON and U-turn properly at then next exit/interchange
  • Reversing on roads and especially on highways is highly dangerous for yourself and  for others!!

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