Unfortunately an avoidable number of road casualties is liked to occasions where pedestrians get run over when drivers try to park and/or reverse their vehicles.

Also, at parking lots we often experience inconsiderate and sometimes pretty dangerous situations – we need to display proper etiquette!

How to do it right

  • Be extra careful when you park your car and watch out for pedestrians, kids and other drivers.
  • Especially when you reverse, make sure you can do so without endangering others.
  • Watch out for kids!
  • Be polite and respectful for other drivers also looking for a parking space.
  • Use your lights in underground parking lots and go very slow – many pedestrians can be around!
  • Park mindful and avoid blocking others.
  • Use only dedicated parking spaces and obey no-parking signs, clearly marked no-parking surfaces and handicapped parking spaces.
  • Avoid parking at all cost ‘nearest’ to where you want to go, it is often safer to use a parking space a little further down and it is good for you to walk a few steps!

Here is a related newspaper article in Gulf News of 17-Sep-2015:

media - GN Kids & Reversing Cars 17-Sep-15

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