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Mental wellbeing (in addition to physical wellbeing) is vital for motorists to cope well with the often challenging road traffic situations.

There can be negative influences to our mental wellbeing even before we start a road trip like inter-personal tensions, challenging life situations or events, medical pre-conditions or simply the fact, that we may start our road trip too late or ill prepared. Negative influences to our state of wellbeing can also occur during road trips, like unexpected delays, changing weather conditions, the behavior of other road users and passengers, technical vehicle issues or break-downs, exhaustion during long trips or in taxing weather conditions (heat!), and more.

While motorists cannot control all possible influences on their state of mental wellbeing, some can be overcome by proper preparation. Those outside of the motorists ability of influence must be dealt with in the spirit of maintaining safe and responsible behavior, mainly by staying focused and calm.

Tips & Tricks

  • Apply proper time management and start your trip early (more info¬†click here)
  • Plan your trip well (route, time of the week and day, weather)
  • Expect the unexpected, like traffic delays, bad weather conditions
  • Stay calm and well mannered (more info click here)
  • Relax and listen to soothing music!
  • Breathe in for seven seconds, hold for four, then exhale for seven seconds ( lowers elevated heart rate and blood pressure)
  • Watch your state of physical driving fitness (more info click here)
  • Don’t get aggravated by the ill behavior of other road users or back-set drivers … just ignore it!
  • Avoid rush hours
  • Don’t get distracted – put your phone on silent and out of sight!
  • On longer trips, take regular breaks


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