‘Kids in the car’ / ‘Kids & Road Safety’ is a very important topic, for many reasons. “When it came to preventable child deaths, road traffic accidents were revealed to be the main cause of fatal injuries … comprising 64 per cent of all deaths…” (source The National, 2018).

As per 1. July 2017, the ‘holistic’ seat belt law has been in force in the UAE, meaning ALL passengers including children must be buckled up, at all times! Young children must also be transported in the proper child restraint system, and the lack of child safety seat for children up to four years of age comes with a Dh400 fine and four black points. Anyway, the mindful and caring parents, always buckle up our kids in our vehicles.

We adults need to lead by example and parents and nurseries/schools must educate kids about the basics of road safety, in order to protect them ‘now’, and to instill the proper habits of road safety in today’s kids to nurture the ‘next generation’ of responsible motorists and traffic participants! Parents and adults, be role models for your children and lead by example! #teachchildrenroadsafety … You parents are the heroes of your children – they listen to you! Hence, engage with them and share what the road thought you!

Every year, kids die when left alone in hot cars. Kids get run over when they play close to cars – often, this happens in residential areas. Kids get injured or die while playing unattended in cars.

Kids have a different awareness than adults, which sometimes results in unpredictable behavior of kids on our streets.

Kids are getting bored on long drives and need extra care.

Watch out for this

  • Children under the age of 10 are not allowed to ride in the front seat of a vehicle.
  • ALWAYS use proper restraint systems for your child (child seats; booster cushions)
  • NEVER leave your kid alone in the car.
    • There is no excuse even for very short periods of time!
    • Make sure you ALWAYS take your kids with you, or an adult stays with your kids!
  • Educate your kids about the basics of road safety, like how to properly cross a road, how to behave on a bike, always watch out for vehicles, etc.
  • Be extra careful and watch out for kids when you park or reverse your car, especially in residential areas where kids could play, in shopping malls and similar places
  • Make sure kids do not play in your car unattended
  • Be extra careful when you spot kids on the streets or on sidewalks – they might behave unpredictably
  • Pay close attention when your kids enter or exit the vehicle and make them aware of the surrounding traffic
  • When you drive longer distances with kids, make sure you take plenty of rests for them, have proper snacks and things (games, books, etc.) against boredom for them

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