Indicators, How to do it right!

More than 20% of the dead toll on UAE’s roads are attributed to lane swerving / abrupt changing of lanes, according to data released by the MOI. Lane swerving is linked to not using the indicator and warning other drivers about the intended lane changes.

Many non-fatal accidents can be avoided when indicators are used and other drivers can react accordingly. Use your indicator ALWAYS when you want to change your direction, protects YOURSELF, your PASSENGERS and OTHERS! It’s not rocket science – and it can safe lives!

UAE Statistics (RoadSafetyUAE and QIC Insured commissioned a YouGov on-line survey in February 2016; n=1005 UAE representative sample):

In those cases when you do not use your indicators when you change lanes, take an exit, merge onto a highway, turn at a junction, etc. What might be the reasons? Average
The traffic around me demands my full attention, so I cannot think of using the indicator


In my opinion, it is a sign of inexperience (15) or weakness (9) to indicate


I don’t indicate out of habit


In my home country, it is usual not to use the indicator


I have no hand free to use the indicator (for example because of using my mobile phone)


In my opinion, it is not important to indicate


I do not understand the importance of indicating


I am not sure when to use my indicators


How to do it right

  • Bear in mind, that non-use of indicators is a main ingredient to the #1 KILLER on our roads!
  • Using your indicator is a basic rule of road safety (non-use carries fines and black points!)
  • Using your indicator shows good manners – it’s basic etiquette to signal where you intend to go to!
  • Protect YOURSELF and OTHERS!
  • Make it a HABIT to ALWAYS use your indicator
  • Start indicating a few seconds BEFORE you actually move, to make others aware.
  • Check in front & around you – check mirrors – indicate before you move – look over your left shoulder – then maneuver!
  • When you see somebody else indicating, be polite and caring and allow them to move.
  • Indicate ALWAYS when you want to:
    • Change lanes
    • Take a turn
    • Exit a roundabout
    • Pull out of a parking slot
    • Take an exit
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