Post updated 4-Oct-2021

It’s important for tourists visiting the UAE to be aware of some of the important driving guidelines and regulations outlined below.


The telephone numbers for emergencies are: Police 999 - Fire 997 - Ambulance 998. In case of an accident call the police and make sure you receive the green part of the police accident report, if the accident was not your fault.

Only rental cars

It is not allowed to drive a non-rental car without a UAE residency. Hence, tourists can only drive rental cars.


Fatigue causes a high number of road accidents in the UAE. Be aware of fatigued (commercial) drivers and make sure you avoid fatigue!

Flashing lights

It is a custom in the UAE to flash your high beam lights in the left lane. It means:  change to the right lane and give way to the oncoming faster traffic.


In the UAE, overtaking and undertaking happens – on all lanes and not only on the left lanes like in many other countries.

Multi-lane highways:

The many lanes can lead to orientation problems, especially when you try to find your exit.

Weather conditions:

Be aware of the desert-style driving conditions related to sand, sandstorms, foggy weather and heat.

Pedestrian crossings

Be extra careful on pedestrian crossings – not all cars stop for you, unlike in many other countries.

Bike & Motorbike

Don’t expect much consideration in case you drive a bicycle or a motorbike.


Be careful, since many drivers do not use indicators.


There is a 0.0% tolerance for alcohol with very tough penalties.

Hitch hiking

Hitch hiking is not allowed in the UAE.

Women driving

It is allowed for women to drive in the UAE.

Paid parking

Many areas in the main city are paid parking except on Fridays and public holidays – use the parking ticket machines and have coins handy. In some malls you have a few hours free parking with steep fees if you exceed the maximum parking time – check carefully in your mall.

Speed limits

Obey the speed limits which are max 120km/h on highways, but watch out for exceptions. Within cities, there are various different speed limits you need to obey.

Diverse Nationalities

Be mindful of the many nationalities and different driving-culture backgrounds of traffic participants in the UAE.


Around Mosques, be aware of crowded parking on Fridays and religious holidays.


Be aware of cars stopping where they should not, like on shoulders of highways or even in the middle of lanes – every year many serious accidents happen this way.

Hazard lights

Be aware of the omnipresent hazard lights indicating somebody is twisting the traffic rules.

Speed bumps and Roundabouts

Be aware of the many speed bumps and roundabouts.

Don’t fancy driving?

Take advantage of the many public transport opportunities like taxis, buses, water taxis and the Dubai metro.


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