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Cruise control is very helpful for drivers who drive long distances. There is very little that can go wrong with the cruise control system. Most faults are cause by either incorrect maintenance or driver error. If there is a system fault the control will not usually switch on.

However, there have been a number of cruise control malfunction incidents.

What you need to know:

  • Electronic Errors: Brake electronic errors are the most common issue, as the car does not deactivate the cruise control when the brakes are pushed like it should.
  • Service: it is very important to get the cruise control system checked when going to service the car. People should always look at their dashboard and ensure that the light for the cruise control function is working, and that it goes on and off.
  • Authorized Dealers: have your vehicle maintained and serviced by an authorised dealer.  Cruise control systems are controlled by computer and unless programmed using the correct software, can cause numerous problems. It just is not worth taking a chance.

Steps to help control your vehicle when cruise control malfunctions:

  • Keep calm and make sure your seat belt is on
  • Put on the hazard lights
  • Call 999
  • Put the gear on Neutral (N), then turn off the engine
  • If that fails, push on the brakes firmly and steadily until the car eventually stops
  • If the previous method also fails, slowly pull up the handbrake while firmly holding the steering wheel
  • If that also fails, change the gear setting from Neutral (N) to Drive (D) repeatedly

Courtesy of Dubai Police



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